The Boston Imperials since our founding in 2019 have had a number of hockey players who have gone on to Junior and College Hockey programs. We take pride in celebrating their accomplishments and congratulate them on their hard work in trying to maximize their potential in the sport of ice hockey.

Player Imperials Team/League
Thomas McGaffigan 2019 Assumption College (NCAA)
Andrew McGaffigan 2019 Assumption College (NCAA)
Thomas Milne 2019 Assumption College (NCAA)
Chris Freeman 2019 Valley Jr. Warriors (EHL)
Luc Denney 2019-2020 Valley Jr. Warriors (EHL)
Dom Metro 2019 Valley Jr. Warriors (EHL)
Jackson Tressault 2019 Valley Jr. Warriors (EHL)
Brendan Fitzgerald 2020 Cedar Rapids (USHL)
Owen Fowler 2020 Omaha Lancers (USHL)/UMass Lowell (NCAA)
David Bazile 2020 NH Monarchs (NCDC)
Seth Bernard 2020 NH Monarchs (NCDC)
Kevin Golden 2020 Middlebury College (NCAA)
Braden Reilly 2020 NH Monarchs (NCDC)
Brendan Murphy 2020 Babson College (NCAA)
Julian Frias 2020 Yale University (NCAA)
Donovan Frias 2020 Yale University (NCAA)
Matt Kursonis 2020 Holy Cross (NCAA)
Brenna Mulcahy 2020 Lebanon Valley College (NCAA)
Connor Berg 2020-2021 Williams College (NCAA)
Jayden Grier 2020-2021 Colby College (NCAA)
Coleman Jenkins 2021 Holy Cross (NCAA)
Zach Bye 2021 Holy Cross (NCAA)
Aidan Lyons 2021 Bowdoin College (NCAA)
Mel Mortarelli 2021 Williams College (NCAA)
Anthony Lind 2021 Bridgewater Bandits (USPHL)
Robby Shumway 2021 WPI (ACHA)
Kevin Gannon 2022 Walpole Express (EHL)
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