Town+ Bridge Program

(NEW) Mite+ Winter Program (14 weeks)

2014-2017 players? Looking for additional training and some FULL ICE Mite games. Join us for our Mite+ Program. Every Sunday at 6pm you will get 1.5 hours of skills training from our professional coaches, 2 tournaments, and some non-league games.

Fee: $800 and includes uniform.

The Boston Imperials are excited to announce the launch of our Town+ program!

This innovative program partners with Town Hockey players to help players move up to higher levels of hockey either within the town program and eventually have the skill and ability to make their HS teams at a younger age. It's also an opportunity for players within the town program to get extra training that they might not otherwise receive within the town structure. We provide the town with supplemental development resources.

Program Highlights:

  • Town program(*) is your top priority
  • (*)Town does not need to be an official partner to participate
  • Must be rostered with the town program
  • Teams at Mites, Squirts, PeeWees
  • We work with the town to minimize conflicts with town games
  • 24 week program that runs from September to February
  • Games: 15 additional games
  • Training: Weekly 1.5 hour block in the StrideRight Skills Intensive Program
  • Players are trained by our professional coaches
  • Town coaches can join our mentoring program and are assigned a coach from our staff to help them with their team practices and team development plan throughout their season
  • Town coaches can serve as assistants to the professional coach assigned to their team during the extra games.

Frequently Asked Questions

This seems like an innovative program. What was the thinking behind it?

Our owner had a child who was spent years on the lower teams of his town program, with dad coaches and well-meaning volunteers. For those years, he couldn't get better in the town program. His son became frustrated seeing his friends improve and move up while he was stuck on the lower teams. He discovered a hockey club with an exceptional skills and player development program that he used as a supplement to his town experience. Within 3 years he went from "C" to "B" to "A" and then went on to an enjoyable HS career. Even when he made the "A" team he continued to keep his skills fresh. He was able to make his HS team which is something he always wanted to do.

This experience prompted our owner and staff to talk to dozens of parents and town hockey officials about this model and the results of those discussions have led us to formalize the Town+ program for 2023.

Who is it for?

Town players who want a supplemental program for development, to play extra games and skills, and receive professional coaching in order to improve their place in a town hockey program and eventually get ready for HS hockey and midget hockey.

Can individual players join or do the towns have to be an official partner.

Yes, individual players can join even if your town is not yet registered. This is a program for all town players!

How can our town program become a partner?

If you are interested in joining this program, please contact us.

Since our founding in 2019, the Boston Imperials have enjoyed strong relationships with the town hockey organizations in Medford, Burlington, Somerville, Cambridge, and Arlington, to name a few. We seeking to add players from additional towns and if you are town hockey representative, then please contact us and we can discuss how it will fit within your town offering.

How are rosters developed?

We build each roster carefully to make sure they are playing a level that will help them grow as players. Rosters will be a combination of players from a single town or multiple towns combined.

How does this benefit the town hockey organizations?

Town Hockey is a very important part of a player's development. However, through no fault of their own, Town programs lack the resources for the extra player development needed to drastically improve a players skills, particularly for those not on the top team, or the true resources needed to consistently move all players to higher levels within their town. We see many players who are not the top players are typically the forgotten players and are desperate to improve but have no means or opportunity to do so.

This leaves frustrated families leaving the program to find a way to accelerate their child's development. They typically go to clubs that want your child to commit to them full time and not play town hockey or not prioritize it. Not with us. This program is symbiotic partnership with the town organizations so we they can have someone provide resources to help these lower-end players without worrying that they will be taken out of our program.

This seems to good to be true. How can we afford to do both?

We understand that the financial commitments to town and club hockey is often difficult. To incentive families to not have to choose, we have provided our program at a significant discount to our town partners so you can represent your town and also get significant development training and playing opportunities at a slightly higher level to push your development further.

Our base tuition is $1,950 (all inclusive games, tournaments, practices) and can be paid in 4 installments. Uniforms and bags are separate. This is designed to make it affordable and also support the town program. For each town that is entered into a formal relationship with us, we take some of our proceeds and invest them back into the town in the form of sponsorship to the program.

Town+ 2023 Program

Information Session Recording from our 2/23 meeting is here:


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