2024-2025 Coaching Staff Annoucned

The Boston Imperials are proud to announce our front office and coaching staff for next season. We will be adding more staff as they sign on.

Please note teams are subject to change based on tryouts.

2024-25 Coaching Staff


8U (2016 - 2018)

Mark Woinicki/Billy Yore

9U (2015)

Justin Wender/Mark Woinicki

10U (2014)

Mark Woinicki

11U (2013)

Richie Heap

12U (2012)

Mike Hamilton

13U (2011)

Sean Connelly

14U Full Season

McCauley/Rich Heap

14U Split Season

Rob Wright / Rich Heap

15U Prep

Ross Olsson

15U HS

DJ Pinkham

15U HS - North

Graeme Townshend/Tristan Plummer

16U Prep

John Burgess/Chris Dyment

16U HS

Ned O'Keefe, Mark Paone

18U Prep

Dom Pazzia, Nick Pazzia

18U HS

Nick Dunn, Sean Bates

18U Full Season

Dennis McCauley

Town + Mite 

Rich Heap/Billy Yore

Town+ Squirt

DJ Pinkham/Rich Heap

Town+ Peewee

Graeme Townshend/Tristan Plummer

Skills Coaches

Graeme Townshend, Chris Dyment, 
Rich Heap, DJ Pinkham

Goalie Coaches

Rob Wright