Boston Imperials Partner With Bando Sports Performance

The Boston Imperials are pleased to announce a partnership with Bando Performance. Bando will provide dry land training to all of our players in the Bright Matter Sports & Entertainment portfolio.  

"Bando's reputation for training players and giving them the tools they need to increase, strength, agility and acceleration were key factors for us in our selection of a partner. Further, they have a commitment to injury prevention which will assist us in being able to keep our players on the ice and at peak performance as they enter their school season," noted Dennis Franczak, CEO of Bright Matter Sports & Entertainment, and founder of the Boston Imperials.

Based out of Woburn, MA, Bando Sports is premier boutique style human performance training center tailored to athletes and “everyday” athletes alike. Always up to date, they incorporate the use of the latest scientific research to push our athletes to their full potential. They do this by integrating strength and conditioning programs to suit the needs of each individual client. We use ground based, three dimensional exercises in order to maximize the capacity at all of our joints full ranges of motion while safely building muscular strength and size. Through in-depth coaching and cueing, our goal is to educate, motivate and guide our athletes to a successful road of athletic performance and success. 

Further, Bando Performance takes pride in reducing the risk of injury while also increasing athletic performance for any type of client we receive. No matter the age, athleticism, gender, or skill-set, we provide clients with the necessary tools to succeed in the gym, on the playing surface, and in life.

Bando partner George Tavares says, "The vision of what Bright Matter is trying to do across all their portfolio clubs is something that really attracted us to want to work with them. Their focus on the enhancing and maximizing the participant experience to be the best in the youth sports business is something we want to be a part of."

Dryland schedules and plans will be made for each team with 18U Full Season and youth teams being included and options for our split season players to participate as well when their schedule allows.