Fall Mite+ and Town+ Open Sign-Ups

We are now in the process of enrolling players for our new 2023 Town+ program. We will be having 3 teams this year! Mites, Squirts and PeeWees! This program will give you 1.5 hours of skills each week combined with 15 games over the course of 3 tournaments or scheduled games.

The program is designed to run outside of your normal town schedule and you will be working with our professional coaches. During the season we will offer 24 weeks of this program with the primary sessions at 8-11am on Sunday mornings but extra/make-up sessions during the week, particularly after the fall season ends in early Novembers.

We hope you join this program as it won't conflict with your town and it will give you dedicated professional coaches who will help you become a better player for your Town!

If you have any questions, email us or call 781-897-4801.