Former Professional Player Ross Olsson Joins The Imperials

May 22, 2023 (Boston) - The Boston Imperials today announced the appointment of Ross Olsson as the program's Hockey Director.  Ross will be a key component of our player development curriculum, skills work, as well as helping initiate the Imperials' new "Path to Prep" program which will be announced shortly.

Let's get to know a little bit about Ross.

Tell us about your playing background Ross?

"I played 4 years at Endicott College and was able to get my undergrad plus a masters in Business. After that I just completed 4 years professionally playing in the ECHL and the AHL. I played for the Worcester Railers and Orlando Solar Bears mainly in the ECHL. Then had the opportunity to play for the Bridgeport Islanders and Providence Bruins in the AHL."

What led you into coaching?

"I have always wanted to get into coaching since college. The ability to help carve a kids future in hockey is the main reason. Being able to give back to the game and help these players reach the next level. Being able to be transparent with these players is vital as a coach and I'm looking forward to that."

Why did you join the Imperials? What stood out? Where would you like to take the program?

"Ownership has a true vision for what he wants this program to be and that culture permeates the staff and coaches, as well as the players. From the first time I to ownership, I could tell the passion he and his staff have to grow the Imperials and be able to help all players move up the ladder to the highest levels that THEY want to achieve.

For each player that level is different. It could be Secondary School, Prep School, Academy Hockey, MIAA Schools. For some it will mean junior hockey, and possibly NCAA or ACHA college hockey.

For such a young club, they have a lot of players who have not only had productive Prep or MIAA HS experiences, but also advanced to junior hockey, and eventually college hockey. In the Imperials and what will be my role is to work with the staff so that every player, on every team in our program, no matter what level has a well communicated path to get to the level that they want to succeed at individually. This is also why we require our families to commit to multiple years in our program because this plan and development path takes time. We have 80% of our families returning each year so we know it's working."

You are also the coach of Hillside School. What is your vision there?

"At Hillside my goal is to be able to turn the program into a top Junior Prep School. From the academics, to the on ice work we are going to be looking to push these players to become the best person they can be. From the use of video analysis, plus skill development aspects, advanced tactics in practices will help the players when they move onto the Prep School level or Academy hockey, and eventually Junior and College Hockey."